Book Your date in School of Tantra

Soon more details would come but You could already book Your date in new season

1 Level for everyone
10 Fridays course [from 17.30 till 21.00]
Every Friday from 31.1.14 till 9.5.14
– 21.2.14
– 07.3.14
– 14.3.14
– 21.3.14
– 25.4.14

45 Euro for single workshop and only 300 for whole course
2 Level – only for couples or people who are ready to work together
8 Wednesday course [from 17.30 till 21.00]
Every second Wednesday from 5.2.14 – 14.5.14
45 Euro for single workshop and only 270 for whole course

Whole days Ceremonies
15.2.14 whole day (8hours) after 12.00
19.4.14 whole day (8hours) after 12.00
10.5.14 whole day (8hours) after 12.00

90 Euro for day
Every first weekend of the month – Intensive weekend
150 Euro
Individual private workshops, massage and skype sessions possible also at Your home
Do not hesitate to ask the questions:

For more info, details and updates check:

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