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Valentine’s Day Full Celebration. Connection Event

14 Feb 2023

When: 11 AM- 7 PM
Get some time before to settle in peace.
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Valentine’s day.


Opening Circle

Connecting through:
Setting up intentions
Tantra Communication
Eye Gazing
Melting Hug

Tantra Kriya Yoga – intimate breathing together

Connection Massage

Dance with Tantra

Awakening Senses Ceremony

Tantra Kriya Yoga Breath in Shiva Shakti

Closing Sharing Circle

Through this event, we like to achieve that everyone single would not feel alone. We are creating an opportunity to connect with someone and continue this connection into a deeper celebration on the event three hours later and then maybe even carry it through the rest of your life. Who knows? The magic may happen in this special time <3 Of course, when you are already a couple, come, celebrate it with your partner. We always intend to strengthen your connections. The intention of this event is joy, fun, happiness, connection, smile, bliss, expanding in Love, growing in ecstasy and pleasure.
We will create a safe and comfortable space to explore, exercise, and experience those intentions.

Connecting events:

Those events’ main intentions are to connect with another being deeper than just for one exercise or shallow talk. As longer and more conscious we relate, our connection is more profound, so everything has an amplified effect.

That’s also why the next intention is to connect with the idea of joining our following few hours long celebration, where you may connect longer and even deeper.

As Tantra is about the connection on all dimensions, our intention is the same. We would love that you connect with All Aspects of yourself, love, tantra, life. We wish you connect with your body, heart, mind and spirit, with your masculine and feminine, with your inner child and your whole inner crowd and universe.

We also wish that you would connect with one of the evening subjects what could be: boundaries, taste of tantra, male and female energies and connection and many more.

And of course, especially in this day, the main intention is to connect with your present or/and future partner.

Costs /

Supportive Early Bird Price (only when you make sure is paid 3 days before and you explain your hard situation)
750 THB per person
1000 THB per couple

Early Bird Price:
(only when is paid one week before the event)
1000 THB per person
1500 THB per couple

Normal Price:
1500 THB per person
2000 THB per couple

Whenever this would be really too much and you would really like to join, do not hesitate to find an easy solution with us

As we see in Tantra, the connection is essential, especially between two people, so we use this quality in Tantra Movement.

That’s why to create this connection, we recommend to all singles to book as quickly as possible to secure your best suitable balance partner with whom we wish you may deepen the experience.

To taste our energy and to connect with others, you may join FREE Demo on Monday and Connecting Event on Thursday.

from 11 AM till 7 PM

Tantra Movement // Koh Phangan // Sri Thanu

When you book, you will receive an invitation to the group, welcome letter with more details, practical information, and learning material.

Check our website for more info:
and do not hesitate to ask the questions
Michal Kali Griks (FB)


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February 14
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
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Michal Kali Griks

Founder of Tantra Movement Michal dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Tantra.

When he discovered Tantra 15 years ago, it completely changed his life. He followed his heart and completed several trainings in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, including the Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands.

For nine years he has been sharing his enormous knowledge of Tantra and Yoga and passing on his enthusiasm, love, and experience in his retreats. Since he started to train teachers as well, the Tantra Movement Team is growing – and so is our love through which we aspire to make the world a more beautiful and loving place. Join us on this journey!

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