There are many deep reasons why we made “Love-making Mantra” video clip. ðŸ’œ  First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all. ðŸ’œ  Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienc…

Tantra Movement - Mature Masculine
Yes. I’m sexual. I love to make Love at least 3 hours per day
This is my gift and potential
My Sacred Spirituality
My Sacred Sexuality
– the closest, most intimate, most loving and most beautiful expression of more and more Unconditional LoveLove is my religion
Don’t step over it.
Accept or walk away
-because I’m proud of my gift.
Are you?
Koh Phangan

Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement - Massage
One of the best description of the tantric massage I ever wrote.
This is what you may receive from me at the private session.
This is what and how I’m teaching.
I wrote it as part of my, coming soon online course.
It’s so divine that I would add it to my new book: “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”
It is so good that I will also add it to my older one what I’m planning to edit soon ðŸ™‚
“Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Love – All Aspect of Tantra.”…/
… enjoy your freedom and remember, your freedom ends where your partner’s freedom begins. Always remember about respecting each other boundaries. That’s one of the most beautiful things what we could learn at tantra workshops. Giving someone’s chance to feel that they’re respected may provide that person tremendous healing and rebuilding the trust.
In the same time, within those limits or not limits find the ways to enjoy as much as possible.
As more pleasure you have than more pleasure is circulating, as more of it, than more sexual energy, and when we don’t lose it, what is the intention of Tantra, than we have more power to heal, to liberate, to grow in Love and expand in ecstasy.
Yes, we worship, we “use it don’t lose it”, this one of the most potent energy, what humans have, the energy what creates life. We transform it inwards into our life. With this more and more energy and ecstasy, we nourish all our chakras.
That’s what makes us so alive, so passionate, loving, creative and spiritual.
We are transforming this Sacred Sexuality into all aspects of our life.
When you add to this the main ingredient: Unconditional Love, it makes the tantric massage as one of the most powerful rituals it could be.
Yes being professional masseur/se it’s not so much about techniques but more about the capacity of loving unconditionally.
Adore the person as much as possible. Worship her as god/ goddess with your touch, with your full presence and devotion.
Even when you see her first and maybe the last time in your life, always have an intention of doing the best massage you ever did up till now. Do it for her and yourself as well because Love circulates in both directions.
Even she is not your type, older, younger. During massaging forget about those conditionings. Unconditional Love, Tantra goes beyond appearances, age and even the gender. In the end, we are all energy. We are all Love. Be the Love, serve the Love, Feel the Love, see the Love. Let it flow <3
Love her as your best lover ever, even when it is just for this moment. In the end, Tantra is about living here and now, living without attachments. Yes?
That’s why the best massage usually happens between two passionate tantric lovers. Within the limits of circumstances and foremost limits of the receiver, always massage as close as you could towards this ideal.
Koh Phangan
Michal Kali Griks

Hello Lovely People! Here I share with you, out of love, my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn’t hear that someone did share his/her teaching so freely.I wish it would serve well the student…

Time for practice:
Our newest video in Tantra Practice playlist, in our Tantra Movement TV.
We work a lot with 5 Elements in Tantra. Each represents another chakra and what follows another aspect of life
You could be surprised 😉 It’s just beginning
Use it, don’t lose it!
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1 gram of practice is worth more than thousands of theory.
Is it a better time for practice than here and now?
So check this playlist and start regularly improving your life, your potentials and love capacity.
Share Love with this video, post and the playlist.
Thank you <3

Michal Kali Griks

Hello Lovely Humans!
Here, I share the playlist with 20 Tantra Practice Videos
We are living in the times that Tantra should bring the solutions for the issues what we are facing as individuals, relationships and as whole humanity.
Last year, I shared manifest that with my website, videos, community, my teachings, I would like to become the best available source of sharing Tantra to the world.
I guess I’m still not there (who is?), but I’m on my way. There is just about one month left. But, I have a plan, enthusiasm and my community supporting the intention.
Do the other teachers are picking up this healthy competition?
The winner price is priceless: More Love on the planet – that’s what we all may appreciate <3
Use it, don’t lose it! – Tantra you practice not just watch and read 😉
Soon a lot of sharing of my new book. “Conversations with Goddess and god within and outside”
Life is beautiful <3
Koh Phangan
Michal Kali Griks
Michal Kali Griks