When two people are adding their qualities in the creation, they’re not only multiplying the outcome.
When a loving, especially in tantric ways couple decide to share something to themselves and humanity, expect moving mountains 😉
I’m so happy and proud of our “Baby” coming out <3
Share our Love with this video <3


Michal Kali Griks and Trisha Croft



 There are many deep reasons why we made “Love-making Mantra” video clip. 💜  First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all. 💜  Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienc…

10 compulsory movies to watch during Tantra Movement School education.
Highly recommended and highly required!








Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition documentary
Don Jon
(trailer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcGO_oAahV8
whole movie:  https://xmovies8.org/watch?v=Don_Jon_2013#video=xG1IXaUQ_cRVfThGnLpqe9trgPp8AOddOAr0Ar3KR2E
Tantra documentary:
whole movie: http://aktywnatantra.blogspot.nl/2014/01/tantra-documentary.html
Kamasutra. A Tale of Love
Cloud Atlas
Pay It Forward
Beyond Borders

…and many more,which you may check in our other post , check also many tittles are in the comments and don´t forget to add your tips or/and links there

Of course for the students we recommend our videos:
Playlist with me, Michal Kali Griks

Playlist of videos of our channel SOSCTV

… and big playlist of inspiring videos about sexuality and tantra:

Enjoy, pass it further, and write your recommendations and opinions in the comments
I wish you may discuss them at our retreats

Michal Kali Griks

One of the aspects of Conscious Relationship is to aim for the best connection within yourself, for yourself, for your partner, for all.

What is the best connection?
It’s a connection on as many levels possible in most profound deep way possible.

Usually, we think about Supreme Lover. Yes?
And what does it mean?

It is not just the person who would give us the best, tantric, long-lasting, energizing, loving orgasms. However, this is fundamental aspects in a healthy Conscious Relationship, and we are teaching you this, Tantric Love is not only about this.

We are expecting from this conscious level of love, our partner to be also our best Friend, maybe the one who would play the role of the father or mother figure or whoever else person, the role is needed at the moment to heal our wounds, to liberate ourselves from the conditioning, to expand in Love and grow in Ecstasy.

We would like that she/he would be a God-like figure. But, is it not too much to expect from a human being? Maybe that’s why people invented a God because no one could live up to such high expectations?
It helps us to believe that there is someone there, who may love us so perfectly as only God could do. I wish this would support us to heal our wounds.

Some of the more mystical and more spiritual teachings and religions already pointing into the direction of finding God within us.

This is what Conscious Relationship is also about.
Be the God-like figure for ourselves, be this Supreme Lover what you’re expecting from someone else. Love yourself the way how you would like to be loved.

And guess what?
As more God-like, you would be for yourself, as more love you would give to yourself, as more this would reflect on the outside world.

You want to change the world, start from yourself.
You want to become healer, heal yourself first.

Become your own Supreme Lover and God-like figure. First for yourself, but then you would be able to apply those supreme characteristics to your partner and all.

When you would learn to look at yourself compassionately, when you would understand that you’re not guilty of being conditioned the way you’re, when you would forgive yourself, when you understand yourself, you will see that those conditions are not you, that you even didn’t choose for them, that you may free yourself from those “chains”.

With your healing, liberation, Love, Friendship and Freedom, you would inspire the others ( are those not reasons why your partner choose you in the first place? ) and in that way help them to free themselves, the way you do.

When you would achieve those and any other transformations for yourself, you would be able to apply them for your partner and all, mostly without you making any effort.

When you would love yourself just for that, you’re, this would become enough to love your partner just for that she/he is.

This initiation, transformation comes to me at the moment when I was under the pressure of expecting too much from my self. Then I was pushing those expectations and blames on my Friends. Seeing them through compassion, understanding their conditioning and humanness, it helped me to look at myself with compassion, understanding and God-like Love.

Thank you mirrors <3 – it may work in another way when you see the power of reflection.

To support this text and Love Yourself essential subject of our teachings, we give you one of the most beautiful fragments of human cinematography. From Tantra Movement TV, Tantra nad Sexuality Youtube playlist, from the movie Angel-A – enjoy, get inspired, Love yourself and share the Love further ( with this video and text. )
It touched my heart again until I cried. – let it flow <3



Koh Phangan 15.X.2020

This is another fragment of my book “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”

Michal Kali Griks
You can not expect too much from people. They’re just humans. So often so wrong conditioned.
It’s better just to love them as much as possible unconditionally and compassionately.They may expect from you sometimes too much. You have to remember that you’re human as well. Do not let their maybe too high expectations poison your soul. You have to love yourself as much as possible unconditionally and compassionately.You’re enough, you’re beautiful, you’re loved.

Forgive yourself and those for they don’t know what they do.

No one is guilty. We are conditioned the way we are and those who did it to us are innocent as well. They like us, do what their parents and life circumstances tort them to do.
Most probably we would do the same when we would live their life.

Love them all but you may still stop their actions – that’s one of the ways to make them aware that they can choose for better.

This is another fragment of my book “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside”

Koh Phangan. Thailand
Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement - Mature Masculine
Yes. I’m sexual. I love to make Love at least 3 hours per day
This is my gift and potential
My Sacred Spirituality
My Sacred Sexuality
– the closest, most intimate, most loving and most beautiful expression of more and more Unconditional LoveLove is my religion
Don’t step over it.
Accept or walk away
-because I’m proud of my gift.
Are you?
Koh Phangan

Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement - Massage
One of the best description of the tantric massage I ever wrote.
This is what you may receive from me at the private session.
This is what and how I’m teaching.
I wrote it as part of my, coming soon online course.
It’s so divine that I would add it to my new book: “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”
It is so good that I will also add it to my older one what I’m planning to edit soon 🙂
“Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Love – All Aspect of Tantra.”
… enjoy your freedom and remember, your freedom ends where your partner’s freedom begins. Always remember about respecting each other boundaries. That’s one of the most beautiful things what we could learn at tantra workshops. Giving someone’s chance to feel that they’re respected may provide that person tremendous healing and rebuilding the trust.
In the same time, within those limits or not limits find the ways to enjoy as much as possible.
As more pleasure you have than more pleasure is circulating, as more of it, than more sexual energy, and when we don’t lose it, what is the intention of Tantra, than we have more power to heal, to liberate, to grow in Love and expand in ecstasy.
Yes, we worship, we “use it don’t lose it”, this one of the most potent energy, what humans have, the energy what creates life. We transform it inwards into our life. With this more and more energy and ecstasy, we nourish all our chakras.
That’s what makes us so alive, so passionate, loving, creative and spiritual.
We are transforming this Sacred Sexuality into all aspects of our life.
When you add to this the main ingredient: Unconditional Love, it makes the tantric massage as one of the most powerful rituals it could be.
Yes being professional masseur/se it’s not so much about techniques but more about the capacity of loving unconditionally.
Adore the person as much as possible. Worship her as god/ goddess with your touch, with your full presence and devotion.
Even when you see her first and maybe the last time in your life, always have an intention of doing the best massage you ever did up till now. Do it for her and yourself as well because Love circulates in both directions.
Even she is not your type, older, younger. During massaging forget about those conditionings. Unconditional Love, Tantra goes beyond appearances, age and even the gender. In the end, we are all energy. We are all Love. Be the Love, serve the Love, Feel the Love, see the Love. Let it flow <3
Love her as your best lover ever, even when it is just for this moment. In the end, Tantra is about living here and now, living without attachments. Yes?
That’s why the best massage usually happens between two passionate tantric lovers. Within the limits of circumstances and foremost limits of the receiver, always massage as close as you could towards this ideal.
Koh Phangan
Michal Kali Griks

Hello Lovely People! Here I share with you, out of love, my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn’t hear that someone did share his/her teaching so freely.I wish it would serve well the student…


1.       It`s your good friend, always there for you.
2.       There`s unconditional love flowing between
3.       He/she is there to empower you. To liberate you. To support you to find real guru, real master, real teacher, real god/goddess in yourself.
4.       He/she is always a student. Every workshop, retreat, lecture he is not only teaching but he is learning, practising, exercising and improving at the end his/her teaching as well.
5.       He/she is always a student. To keep the balance and stay updated he constantly is studying, developing new things, he is reading a lot because he wishes to provide you with always the best answer and best guidance.
6.       But he/she is always honest and authentic. When he/she doesn’t know something he/she is willing to find it out for you or guide how you, your self may find it.
7.       He is authentic. When he is in the process (emotions) himself/herself, he/she doesn`t suppress it. He/she allows himself/herself to be a human being and being seen like this. This encourages students to be authentic themselves as well.
8.       He is a shining example of what he is teaching. When he is teaching about something what he still didn`t achieve and is not in the moment at least he is very frankly about it.
9.       He is allowing you to have your own opinion, own way. Sometimes he may encourage or even provoke you to disagree. He/she doesn`t pretend to be always right and he/she is willing or even happy to change her/his mind.
10.   He/she gives you the guidelines, not the rules. He/she is showing you directions but you have to choose. He/she is giving you the path, experience but it’s you who have to take the steps. He is not always holding your hands. He allows you to fall and make mistakes without feeling that you did the permanent job.
11.   He/she has the ability to listen and reflect on it, even beyond the lines.
12.   He/she is happy when their students become better than he/she is
We will enrol on those subjects more soon in our book.
More of 10 best tantric movies, advice, books…. you may find here
Michal Kali Griks


 My last realisation is that when you're tantric teacher, therapist, masseur, healer or/ and practitioner you would usually attract in your relationship the person, who needs healing or/and would like to be a student. 
They may love you truly, they may be thankful for your gifts till the end of their life, but not necessarily they would love you as a human being. 

Projection as a teacher, healer, saviour in nowadays conditionings, very often excludes accepting someone 's humanness, shadows and their dark sides. 

Expectations are leading to disappointments and frustrations. As the person who is the receiver is healing growing fast, she (or he) is wanting with the same speed change another person (healer). This is not always possible because healer already healed his core wounds. There still some small healings may happen, but those are just small steps comparing the tremendous healings and liberations, what needs to arrive at the beginning of our tantric path (receiver situation).
This dynamic create's sometimes too much complains what may ruin the relation. 

Also, when the person is healed from the core wounds or the student becomes a teacher, they become a new person, and they may not need a teacher or healer anymore. Their gratitude may be endless, but their love may become more limited. 

That's why, with this awareness, I wish to step out of those dynamics. 

From the next relationship consciously, I would open myself for another tantra teacher with their healed core wounds. Then we may relate more as equal. 

Then I could be loved for that I'm and not mainly for being a teacher or healer. I'm more than this, and I'm just human being as well 😉 <3 

Nice song in gratitude to the teacher who was the lover before

11.05.2020 Koh Phangan, Thailand
Michal Kali Griks
Yes. Make me grow
Yes. More and more

I'm choosing for you
Koh Phangan
Yin energy for the balance
Doing less, achieving more. 
Yang energy
Doing what you love
Achieving more
Perfect dichotomy 
Please give me more   

This is another fragment of my book "Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside"  

Michal Kali Griks