Introduction To Tantra Massage Course- First, Initiating Part of the Online Course

Introduction To Tantra Massage Course- First, Initiating Part of the Online Course

This is the 2/13 part of Tantra Massage Course

More details about each module you may find in the description of whole massage course on the website.

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The Tantric Massage course in the Tantra Movement School has 13 chapters:

Module I
1 The Mystery of Tantric Magic. Introduction to Tantric Massage course
2 Kashmiri Dance Massage workshop
3 Tantric Massage within a relationship

Module II
4 Neo Tantric Massage – Introduction
5 Neo Tantric Massage – Worshiping the Yoni
6 Neo Tantric Massage – Worshiping the Lingam

Module III
7 Short but powerful Tantric Massages
8 De-armouring, De-blocking Massage
9 Full Body Orgasm Massage Without Touching Massage

Module IV
10 Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Introduction
11 Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Worshiping the Yoni
12 Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Worshiping the Lingam
13 Closing Ritual

… but be aware – Tantra is like never ending story 🙂
More detailed description of these workshops you may read at our website

Tantra Massage Course:

Tantra Massage Online Course
We created this course to help you go deep into your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing.

We offer our training for couples as well as singles who are willing to work together with another partner. Our course is especially great for couples, as couples always work together in our retreat to improve and strengthen their relationship.

Most important is the connection and to bring you and your partner into the state of energetic merging. If you can achieve that, everything will flow!

It is our priority to respect the boundaries of the individual participants. In every exercise, we encourage you to perceive your limits and to articulate and express them clearly, as this can be a very healing experience. If you are fully aware of your limits, you can also make progress outside your comfort zone. We welcome every willingness and openness to take the step into the unknown.

This course leads to creating trust, love and experience in yourself and in present or future relationship as well.

Deep healing may appear. Healing of your past, your presence, your future, healing of your body, your heart and your spirit, healing of your femininity and masculinity and healing of many other aspects of your life.

Deep sexual pleasure may occur too. In Tantra, we welcome sexual energy. Yes, we transform it in to sacred and creative power, by keeping it in, instead of releasing and losing it. We bring that energy, called ecstasy, into the higher levels of our beings like to:
– the heart that you will become more loving
– the throat that your communication will improve
– to the head that you will become more creative or spiritual

You may experience ecstasy in all parts of your body. Your life may never be the same!

This course is either for beginners or advanced. You do not need to have any previous experience in massage or Tantra, to take part in the activities

The Workshops are fully packed with our knowledge, love and respect to honour each other and each others boundaries. They are aimed to heal whatever appears on your journey. This requires trust and the most sensitive approach to the wonderful human being that you are.

By completing the whole course, you fulfill all requirements to receive a certificate of Massage Level in Tantra Movement School.

Purposes of this course:
One of the main purpose of TMC is that participants would learn, experience and exercise different approaches of various tantric massages and healing methods.


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Introduction To Tantra Massage Course- First, Initiating Part of the Online Course

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