2 years Tantra School Program in Bulgaria

Yes ! 5 levels, more than 250 hours, 20 weekends in the nature near the Black See. We starting serious school in Bulgaria 🙂

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We are happy to announce that the Alania House – Yoga & Recreation Center will host the First Tantra School in Bulgaria, which opens in October.
Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice Tantra in a consistent, gradual and in-depth way in a supportive environment following the professional curriculum developed and taught by Michal Kali Griks – one of the first tantras teachers who visited Bg and thanks to whom Tantra spreads worldwide, the founder of Tantra Movement, Nederlands. The program, as you will see, enables the upgrade and development of knowledge and skills. More about Michal you can learn from the video https://youtu.be/XZJij1YGSvA

==== Who is appropriate ====

Everyone who is interested in massages, energy practices, likes to be in the nature, strives for a healthy lifestyle and personal improvement, who wants to learn HOW to love himself and get rid of the three poisons – GUILTH, SHAME and SIN and transforms his sexual energy in love instead of losing it.

The full training course covers five levels, each taught for 4 weekends. Within 1.5 – 2 years, the awareness that you will develop will greatly improve your quality of life. Bonus will be you becoming Tantra therapist / masseur and why not Tantra teacher.

1st Level – Aspects of Tantra – Aspects of Life course
2nd Level – Essence for Couples course (also for singles who are ready to work with someone else )
3rd Level – Tantra Massage Course (when People are ready for it)
4th Level – All Dimensions Tantra (only for students who we decided they ready for it)
We share the program only with students who are ready for it but you may see the invite for first modul here:
5th Level – Sacred Love
We share the program only with students who are ready for it

——- Curriculum Plan for 2017 – 2018 ——
——- First level —–
All Aspects of Tantra – All Aspects of Life (4 Weekends). The course is suitable for everybody.

——- Dates of Conduct —–
06-08.10.2017 / 17-19.11.2017 / 13-15.04.2018
13-15.10.2017 / 24-26.11.2017 / 20-22.04.2018

This Course as a whole is created to help you go deep in to your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing. Are you ready for the biggest change in your life? Go for an intensive transformation of sexuality and love to the higher levels.
The whole course covers 14 topics and takes 45 hours.
Upon completion of the entire course, a first-level certificate is issued from School Of Tantra Movement.

Course topics:
More detailed description at http://tantramovement.blogspot.bg/2015/04/course-for-all.html or follow up in discussions.

1. Taste of Tantra. Introduction to the practise.
2. Connection
3. Expanding the consciousness. Being here and now.
4. Love yourself – recognising your inner lover
5. Theory about practise. Tips for improving your relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe.
6. Sacred energy – worshipping your holy body, recognising your wild soul
7. Male and female energy
8. Sacred Sexuality
9. Dance with tantra
10. Communication of Love.
11. Preparing for awakening the Kundalini energy
12. Journey to Awaken the Senses ceremony
13. Secrets of tantric touch. Introduction to tantric massage
14. Closing and sharing of the whole course

——-Second level——
Course for Couples: The Tantra Essence (4 Weekends). The course is also suitable for singles who are ready to work with someone else.

——- Dates of Conduct —–
13-15.04.2018 / 11-13.05.2018 / 20- 29.07.2018
20-22.04.2018 / 18-20.05.2018

Expect details for the topics in the next event in November.

—— A few words about the host ——-

Located in a small village not far from Back sea coast, Alania is a place where interesting people come to experience unique things beyond the matrix, giving you the opportunity to discover the beauty within yourself. Alania is the place where you can meet and love yourself, a territory for free, spiritual voyages, a place to practice tenderness, kindness and love for yourself, a Zone where support comes from the ground, a playground to fly to your immeasurable human potential. Alania House is where you will be supported in your self-enjoyment and self-esteem.

——- Investment & Contact——

Claim participation and pay 50% from 300 BGN till 30.09. The price is per person for one weekend if two people register simultaneously.
EARLY BIRDS registration for the courses in November until 30.10.
Please contact us personally or 0894 308 318 regarding PROMOTIONAL prices and payment … let the price not be a barrier, we are open to find the best solution for all of us.
SMALL GROUPS – 8 Persons max.


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