Here is a link to our most current information regarding classes and other activities
Can You Hear Me Now?
Booking any events you may do by transfering the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank.
Where we are up till half march:
Tantra Movement Temple
Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand
(you may use google search)
GPS locations: 9.7545209,99.9715411

Other communication:


At the left side of the page you’ll see a window where you can sign up for our newsletter.

Of course this newsletter is only one of many ways we use to communicate with you. Some have specific areas of interest such as political and environmental activism or the history of our Tantra. We invite you to check each out and see what interests we share.
1. Tantra, Love and Activism – our page with a political, environmental and social twist. The Tantra Movement page is mainly to promote our events, while this one is designed to share our thoughts, opinions, and movies and books we find interesting etc. This is a great page if you would like to have a deeper insight into our goals, ambitions, and dreams. Everything is there 🙂

2. Our Facebook page is designed to help spread knowledge of tantra in order to bring positive change to ourselves and to the world. Feel free to contribute. We also hope that the Facebook page will encourage open communication and friendship among those experienced in the energy and love of Tantra and those who are just beginning to seek the bliss and joy that comes through Tantra. The page is for all of us. Together we are stronger.

3. – secret fb group only for our students, to keep deeper connections and share more
4. – Tantra Movement public fb group

5. This Youtube channel is friendly to us and Tantra as well as other topics important to us. You’ll find there special Tantra play lists.

6. Leaflets and folders – You ‘ll find our leaflets and brochures in Organic shops, and in some spiritual centres or other public spaces in Netherlands and Romania. Spread them to your friends !


7. – our Romanian blog.

8. – page of our main organiser in Romania

9. Tantra Movement Romania fb group


10. – Tantra Movement on Rainbow fb group

11. – Tantra Movement on Rainbow fb community page ( like us 🙂

12. You can contact us directly:
facebook Michal Kali Griks (‘friend’ me to make chance bigger to receive invitations to all events)
Skype: Michal Marek Griks
0(066)829433423 when I’m at home in Thailand
this nr. you may also use as what’s up but know that this is not my preferable option
0(034) 642075516 when I’m home in Spain.
0(031) 684955749
when I’m in Netherlands.
0(040) 773012038 when I´m in Romania.
0(0359)888081061 only when I´m in Bulgaria
Please do not leave voicemail -it’s better use email, sms or call us again later

Michal Marek Griks