In these workshops you will get a taste of what your tantric journey could feel like. You start by connecting with yourself and others on a heart based level, opening up to your subtle energies and creating inner space for ecstasy.


Depending on the subject of the workshop, you will receive a practical introduction to massage, tantric communication and inner ecstasy. In Tantra, ecstasy is not tied to a specific goal, but an extension of your inner spaces.

We learn to perceive our emotions in encounters with others, to experience and express our own limits. For this we also learn a body language. The workshops are usually practical and experience-based, because Tantra is an experiential science.

We invite you to our free Introduction Workshops!

At the moment, we do them at the beginning of every new course to introduce you to the concepts of Baundaries, Consent and Awareness
from 11am till 2.30pm
Everyone is welcome <3


Bring comfortable clothes and enough water for you to stay hydrated. Respect the time of the Workshop. Set an intention that is focused on your own healing and that of others. Experience the union of sexuality, love and spirituality on the path of Tantra.