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Pajautos Žemėje birželio 16 – 18d. įvyks pirmasis Pajauta Fest 2023. Vieta, apsupta miškų, laukinių žvėrių, gerųjų dvasių, gamtinių ir antgamtinių palaikančių jėgų bei būtybių. Toli nuo Babilono ir labai

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Supreme Lovers 3 Days Course

For most of my life, I’m in a conscious relationship that is happy, loving, constantly growing on the spiritual, sexual, relationship and other levels. Our experience is so beautiful and

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Conscious Relating. Connection Event

Join us for an incredible opportunity to connect with amazing individuals, and create deeper connections that may last a lifetime. Who knows? The magic may happen  Whether you’re single or

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Healing Lecture about Yoni

This is one of the greatest gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric yoni anatomy and I will explain

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FREE: Taste Of Tantra Connection Event

Taste of Tantra Workshop Are you curious about what Tantra is and how it can enhance your life and relationships? Join us for this introductory workshop where you’ll experience simple

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