After 10 top tantric movies and books time for 10 best tantric advice (again).

Use don´t lose … and share it as birthday or whatever gift. When person will use those advice it may be best gift ever received 😉

After posting it already to only few places we got a lot of likes. Our healthy egos are very happy from it but when you share not only them are happy but all the world is happy 🙂 , so share love unconditionally. Sharing rE<3OLution , here and now! -starts from you 😉

Now in video version what is different, more detailed. Soon also in paper version 🙂 but use digital one as well to save the trees 🙂
Michal Kali Griks

Here you may get the jpg.png version to print

The text of the leaflet

The main purpose of Tantra Movement School is to spread unconditional love. It is the most important thing in our life and the biggest power in changing the world into a better place. For us sexuality is closest, most intimate and most beautiful expression of love.

Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only wit yourself. By working on all dimensions possible to you, it expands you to the deepest and the highest levels of love, spirituality and ecstasy. In order to fulfill your potential, we always support you in your decisions, no matter you like to go slowly and safe or maybe fast and intense. It’s always your choice. Love and light!

This leaflet, you may give as a birthday gift to the person who you love or/and care about. It´s very possible that the value of the advice included here would make it the best gift ever <3

We offer : *workshops for all, *for relationship,*massage courses, *lectures.

year training for becoming professional assistant, masseur(se), teacher…,

* Private massage sessions for singles and couples * relationship, love, and life coaching

Do not hesitate to ask questions and to make contact.* *

Michal Kali Griks  


The purpose of our leaflets is more than just to announce events. That´s why we are adding elements of advice, so even if you do not attend our workshops, you still may have life-changing benefits just by trying the exercises that we propose here.

Few advices to improve your life (so, the life of the others as well)

1.Love yourself – this is the first step to love the others

2.Increase intimacy – not only in your bed but in your whole life

3.Prioritize your relationship – I believe love is the most important thing for you too. Never forget about it.

4.PC muscle:Training PC muscle is one of the most simple but also most efficient and beneficial technique that people can get from tantra.There are many health,physical,mental and sexual benefits of training that muscles. Next time when you go to toilet,on every breath in,stop urinating.Recognize clearly which muscles you use.That´s PC muscle.When you know them, squeeze them and relax them 30 times,3 times per day.Keep on practice.As you will notice training PC muscle is not visible for others and doesn´t take your attention,so it’s perfect to do it in all possible situations(I´m doing it even while I´m writing this text :)I bet with everyone that after 1 month training,you would be thankful for that information…and I haven’t loosen yet:)

5.Breathing: Observe your breath as often and as long as you can. It will calm you, detoxify you, energize you. It will increase your concentration and health. It will bring you to the here and now. It may open you for other dimensions not only in your love making but in your entire life.

6.Eat less meat, dairy products and more fruits, vegetables, organic, local, vegan, raw food… and enjoy it with full awareness!

7.Spend as much time in the nature as possible. Connect, respect <3 Re-create more nature around yourself

And here below we share some exercises that are among the most popular ones used in the tantric workshops:

8.Gazing eyes: Look in to each other eyes with as much sympathy, nice energy and love as feels comfortable for both of you. By doing so, we are making a soul connection.

9.Melting hug(opposite of¨Donald Duck¨hug)is when we are fully connected along whole length of our bodies.This creates a deep body connection.

Both exercises, when they´re done for longer than 30 seconds, can promote an opening magic in us. The energy is balanced, ¨happy¨ hormones start working for us, so the healing is happening as well.

10.Tantric communication: one person is only talking, the other person is only listening, then we switch the roles. The talking person is talking from the heart, that means they just say whatever comes to their mind. You don´t have to think about the consequences, or what the other person might think about you, etc. Just speak whatever comes up. The listening person is only listening. The intention is not to respond but to understand and be fully attentive. You choose the subjects, and take equal time for both of you (I would suggest 2-7 minutes ). By applying these methods in your life, you may in a much better way solve issues than by arguing. You may get to know better not only the partner, but yourself as well.

Just do it! – One gram of practice is worth more than 1000 of theory…

So use it, don´t lose it!                          

Hello Lovely People!
Here I share with you, out of love, my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn’t hear that someone did share his/her teaching so freely.I wish it would serve well the students, teachers and whole humanity. We live in the times when we need quick efficient solutions to get out of so many crises what we are in. Here is my best I can imagine contribution and solution what I could do.

It has 160 pages supported by 43 Tantra Movement Members practical videos and much more public films and interviews as well.Suggesting the exchange of energy in the form of supporting us financially with the amount 150 Euro is very symbolic. When you feel to contribute more, we would be very happy about it.  Let the Love circulate

It explains many exercises, their motives, challenges what students and teachers may go through and the ways how to deal with it. It’s great to support for beginners students as for advanced teachers.

From Love for Love Contribution
You may transfer to NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank

Use it don´t lose it, Share Love <3 and Enjoy!

Michal Kali Griks
Tantra Massage

One of the best descriptions of the tantric massage I ever wrote.

One of the most essential, beautiful videos

, we made about Tantra Massage. 

This is what you may receive from me at the private session, which you may book for 70 USD per hour best by contacting me on my private Facebook account: Michal Kali Griks

This is what and how I’m teaching.

I wrote it as part of my coming soon online course.

It’s so divine that I would add it to my new book: “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”

It is so good that I will also add it to my older one, which I’m planning to edit again soon. 

“Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Love – All Aspect of Tantra.”…/

Here it is:

Enjoy your freedom, and remember, your freedom ends where your partner’s freedom begins. Always remember to respect each other boundaries. That’s one of the most beautiful things we could learn at tantra workshops. Giving someone a chance to feel respected may provide that person tremendous healing and rebuilding trust.

At the same time, within those limits, and no limits, find ways to enjoy as much as possible.

As more pleasure you have, then more pleasure is circulating, as more of it, than more sexual energy, and when we don’t lose it, what is the intention of Tantra, then we have more power to heal, to liberate, to grow in Love, and expand in ecstasy.

Yes, we worship, we “use it don’t lose it” this one of the most potent energy, that humans have, the energy that creates life. We transform it inwards into our life. With this more and more energy and ecstasy, we nourish all our chakras.

That makes us so alive, passionate, loving, creative, and spiritual.

We are transforming this Sacred Sexuality into all aspects of our life.

When you add to this the main ingredient: Unconditional Love, it makes the tantric massage as one of the most powerful rituals it could be.

Yes, being professional masseur/se it’s not so much about techniques but more about the capacity to love unconditionally.

Adore the person as much as possible. Worship her as god/ goddess with your touch, with your full presence and devotion.

Even when you see her first and maybe the last time in your life, always intend to do the best massage you ever did up till now. Do it for her and yourself as well because Love circulates in both directions.

Even she is not your type, older, younger. During massaging, forget about those conditionings. Unconditional Love, Tantra goes beyond appearances, age, and even gender. In the end, we are all energy. We are all Love. 

Be the Love, serve the Love, Feel the Love, see the Love. Let it flow <3

Love her as your best lover ever, even when it is just for this moment. In the end, Tantra is about living here and now, living without attachments. Yes?

That’s why the best massage usually happens between two passionate tantric lovers. Within the limits of circumstances, especially foremost boundaries of the receiver, always massage as close as possible towards this ideal.


Koh Phangan


Michal Kali Griks

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Hello Lovely People! Here I share with you, out of love, my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn’t hear that someone did share his/her teaching so freely.I wish it would serve well the student…


Hello Lovely People!
We are happy to announce that we are back with our intensive program to fit all interested in Tantra. We proudly invite you to our extended, renewed Temple. Check the program and jump in!  

Connection Evening

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Mar 5, 6:00pm

Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course

Tantra Movement
Sat Mar 6, 11:00am

Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 14, 6:00pm

Introduction to Tantra Massage 3 Days Course.TM1

Tantra Movement
Tue Mar 16, 11:00am

Taste Of Tantra Connection Evening

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 21, 6:00pm

Aspects of Love. Module 1/4 – Introduction

Tantra Movement
Tue Mar 23, 11:00am

Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 28, 6:00pm

Neo Tantra Massage. Yoni and Lingam Massage.TM2

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Mon Mar 29, 11:00am

Connection Evening

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Apr 1, 6:00pm

Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course

Tantra Movement
Sat Apr 3, 11:00am

Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Apr 11, 6:00pm

Connection Evening

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Apr 22, 6:00pm

Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course

Tantra Movement
Sat Apr 24, 11:00am

Tantra Teacher Course

Tantra Movement
Mon May 10, 11:00am

Tantra Teacher Course

Tantra Movement
Tue Oct 19, 11:00am

Michal Kali Griks
Especially Conscious Relationships are making us growing faster in Love, sexuality, spirituality and tantra.
So when you're not in the relationship connecting with someone are you not wasting your time and life?
Think and meditate to answer your self this crucial question what, I wish may change your life.
Koh Phangan 9.1.2021
Michal Kali Griks


Let’s celebrate together! We share Tantra For Couples Online Course, Best Tantra Practices, Free PDF, New Year Celebration Invite, Videos & more


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Hello Lovely People!

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

Let us celebrate together.

We work hard but with a great passion for finishing this year together with you in the best ways. Here are your gifts which you may enjoy and share them with those who you love.


The Online Tantra For Couples Course was a journey of our relationship into working together connection. It made us grow in beautiful ways, and we are proud at Christmas to share this Love and energy with you. It’s professional, made in such a beautiful location, packed with our wisdom and knowledge in the forms of exercises, theory, texts, videos, assignments. I wish we could nourish, strengthen, or even save your relationship with our precious creation.
We even amazed ourselves sometimes, what our connection was channelling for you in this course 🙂


Then gift for everyone. The practice of Sublimation, bringing the energy up instead of losing it. Now, we are giving for you and humanity this essential practice of Tantra. To make the world a better place, we share this beautiful PDF with the videos to guide you into this “Use it, Don’t Lose It” method. Be part of this rE<OLution and reshare it. <3


Then an invitation to share life at one of the best events of the year “One Tribe Festival,” three days, New Year Celebration, a shared co-creation of the best teachers, musicians, shamans, healers, performers, DJ’s of our beautiful paradise, spiritual vortex island Koh Phangan. We would be happy to share the Conscious Relating workshop with you just before the 2020/2021 shift.

Let’s celebrate!

Golden Thought between the announcements:

Conscious Relationship as Tantra is one of the most powerful paths to grow, in my opinion.

 Because you love your partner soooo much,
this Love helps you to bite your unhealthy ego
and let go of attachments in order to grow and rise in Love

– Michal 2020


The Art of Spiritual Love

Join our Tantra Couples Retreat Online
– Get your Christmas gift

Are you yearning to bring more magic, reignite the fire, the passion and bring sacred sexuality into your relationship?

To bring back the sensual pleasures and the depth of LOVE, playfulness, friendship, freedom, tenderness, trust and intimacy into your daily lives and the bedroom again?

Our Tantra couples retreat offers you ancient and juicy practices of Sacred Tantra to continually awaken and take your relationship to the next level, to deepen the LOVE and unite your soul on fire.

Get away from the mundane life by escaping to our lushest online retreat, Rekindle your relationship in paradise as you learn tools to resolve conflict, triggers and challenges to exploring spiritual love, erotic ecstasy and full-body orgasms.

Book Now


  • The art of Spiritual Love
  • Tantra for Couples
  • Men’s Corner – learn to be a better lover and last longer in the bedroom, non-ejaculation and sacred practices and techniques and so much more.
  • Women’s Corner – Learn the multitude of orgasms from cervix, g-spot squirting. Unlock the potential of your yoni and to unleash you creativity. Secret divine feminine Tantrica techniques and practices and so much more.
  • Raising the Kundalini energy
  • Learn the art – full body Orgasms
  • Tantra Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • Tantra Communication
  • Sacred ritual and tantric practices
  • How to initiate intimacy
Book Now

More about the Course

We are Trisha Croft and Michal Kali Griks. We considering ourselves as a happy, loving couple, who is constantly growing on the spiritual, sexual, relationship and other levels.

Our experience is so beautiful and powerful that we decided to share it with you. We want to empower, to improve, to bring back the spark, never-ending honeymoon and more and more unconditional Love to your relationship as well.

That’s why we are creating this course for couples. Our main intentions are to guide you on how to love better what is one of the main purposes of Tantra ( Life ? )

We introduce you to a conscious relationship, what is about using the power of our union for creating even more love for ourselves and our Beloved.

Thankful of the techniques of ancient and modern Tantra, we guide you to: liberate from the conditioning, what you didn’t choose, we guide you to heal from the past wounds what are affecting our lives, we guide you to expand in Love and grow in ecstasy.

That’s why other intentions of our course are to transform your sexuality from typical sex, what very often is connected to shame, guilt, past traumas and addictions, to transform it into Tantric Love Making, what, we often call as Sacred Sexuality; the most beautiful, most intimate, closest and most energizing expression of more and more unconditional Love.

What would you learn and experience its: female tantric anatomy, all different types of orgasms, satisfying, long-lasting Love-making, non-ejaculatory mastery, Tantric Massage, what would include yoni and lingam massage. We would practice tantric Love communication tools what will bring even more connection and understanding into your relationship.

To further expand the freedom and wholeness of your union, through dance and rituals, we would guide you to learn experience and explore different archetypes and polarities.

We would guide you into Divine, Mature Feminine and Masculine energies within you and your relationship.

To give even more flavour and spice to your life and relationship, we would share with you various ways of Love-making, what some of you heard just from the movies or books. Of course, everything in sacred, safe, respectful and tantric ways.

Our main ways of teaching are experiential, so you will get a lot of instructing videos and theory about practice, what you as homework, you will have to practice with your partner. Through full-filled assignments, step by step, we would guide you through your process, your joyful journey on the tantric path.

You can participate alone, with a partner, or both as you will have the recording, so you could practice with the recording multiple times.

We would be there for you whenever you feel the need for support in your process.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Trisha and Michal


Use It. Don’t Lose It. Method

Free PDF – click to download

This booklet is about one of the most essential tantric practices in tantric sexuality.

It’s about sublimation – bringing the energy up instead of wasting it. At the “spiritual market,” it has a catchy name: “Non-ejaculatory Mastery” but it is half true because it doesn’t refer just for the men but to the women as well.

A similar method is called “Microcosmic Orbit” in Sexual Tao, and because my way has some small improvements and differences, I call it “Use it. Don’t Lose It”.

I guarantee, when you apply it, it will change your entire life on all levels. My Love (d), my daughter, Tantra and particularly mainly this method are the most things what I have most gratitude in my life.

Now I’m sharing it for free with the wish it will influence your life so good as it did with my life. “Use It. Don’t lose it”.

Don’t miss the best creation of our lovely island:

One Tribe
Three days Festival
New Year Celebration

Common gift of teachers, musicians, healers, performers, magicians, DJs and you.

Since 3 years it’s my must go, the best time of the year. I wish I could be One Tribe with you too in those special days.

Again we will give you another beautiful workshop: This time would be about Conscious Connection, at Pyramid 2 in Thursday, 31 December, 6-8 PM.

We would very appreciate when you support us by simply using this link or by saying our name (Michal Kali Griks) by purchasing the ticket online or in some other locations.
Thank you <3

More about the Conscious Connection workshop:
How many of us are aware of our connections?
We are all longing to connect. That’s why we are here.
To connect:
-Within ourself: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine.
-With your (future?) partner.
-With ONE TRIBE, community.
-With Nature, Universe and all.
We are all one. We would love to guide you to experience it.
We invite you to consciously connect beyond “facebook friendship”, and beyond <3 just through the internet.
Is it a better way of celebrating?

We love to share with you.
Trisha Croft  (Light Of Lemuria)
And Michal Kali Griks (Tantra Movement)
One Tribe

There is another occasion to celebrate: Tantra Movement YouTube Channell riched 3000 Subscribers. Yooooopieeee!

Thank you for being with us
Thank you for watching.

That’s why here the playlists where I share the most of myself.
Enjoy, get inspired and share Love further with those videos.

Let it circulate!

Use it, don’t lose it!

As part of 3000 subscribers and all other celebrations, I would like to share my Gratitude to my Teachers, who I managed to capture at our Tantra Movement Channel. To those, I dedicate this “Gratitude to Our Teachers Playlist”

Spread love in the world!
Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It’s a way of deep experience, abandoning concepts, exchanging energy, gaining awareness and entering a truly intimate relationship with yourself and others. It expands you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are, we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential.

We facilitate our workshops and retreats mainly on the beautiful paradise, tantric, spiritual vortex island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

We love to see you in one of our life-changing Retreats – join us!
If you have any questions, CONTACT US!


Thank you
for reading

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When two people are adding their qualities in the creation, they’re not only multiplying the outcome.
When a loving, especially in tantric ways couple decide to share something to themselves and humanity, expect moving mountains 😉
I’m so happy and proud of our “Baby” coming out <3
Share our Love with this video <3


Michal Kali Griks and Trisha Croft

How do creating boundaries feel?
How does rejection feel?
And how does respect feel?
After a short introduction talk, we will practice and do exercises to explore this and more.

Respecting, expressing boundaries, feeling them being expressed and respected is one of the most beautiful and most important things what you may learn, explore and exercise during the tantric workshops!
When experienced in the save space, it could be so healing and liberating
Use it-don’t lose it.
Join us to empower your life ❤


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Tantra Movement as nr.1 Sharing Source? – Check yourself.  💜 💜   
There is no better time than setting up this healthy ego competition than now! 😉
Tantra, Love and Sacred Sexuality had never such strong potential for solving so many issues what humanity is facing now. 
Tantra Movement is choosing for sharing Love <3
Now, with possible translation into many languages!
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Through our newsletter updating and sharing with you some surprises ( ebooks, new videos, playlists etc.)
And for those who would like to go deeper and support us back, we are creating more and more online courses or you may pre-book our live courses when the borders will be open again.  
Thank you for sharing, liking and purchasing our content. 
We wish we are inspiring others in creating "sharing is caring trend" not only in the Tantra circles💜
Michal Kali Griks and Tantra Movement

Thankful nowadays technology we may get most of the content translated into many languages on pretty dissent and understandable level. This is a huge step towards connecting people and against Babylon when by mixing the languages we get divided against each other.

Do you remember our wish about Tantra Movement becoming as one of the most generous sources of information about Tantra, especially the practical aspect of it? 

The ability of our Tantra Movement Youtube channel to being translated to all languages it gives a great step forward into realizing our dream. 

Whatever language you speak now you can understand our message of Love. 
By supporting us whatever way ( viewing, sharing, liking, subscribing…) you make us more recognizable by the YT and Google Searches, and they work on the auto translations much better. 

You may check the Love what we share here: 

We made special playlists for you: 

The one about practice:

Tantra Movement International Playlists ( with real live translations )  
This one where I share a lot of myself 🙂
This one, one of the more advanced, for those who are passionate about Yoni Massage Healings:
Tantra and Sexuality: here, because we are all One, we are supporting many other good teachers and their wonderful teachings:
To respond to the nowadays situation and needs, we are creating online courses. You may check already our offer: 
Besides on our website you may find a lot of more free and advanced materials. 
When you write to us, you may get free Ebook about how to use one of the most powerful methods in Tantra or introduction to Tantra Massage Course for free. 
We are proud of being on the way to becoming one of the most sharing sources of Love in Tantra Circles. Use it. Don’t Lose it <3 
We wish the others would see also that the times are ripe and it’s time to share Tantra, Love and all solutions to make our world a better place

Michal Kali Griks

 There are many deep reasons why we made “Love-making Mantra” video clip. 💜  First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all. 💜  Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienc…

10 compulsory movies to watch during Tantra Movement School education.
Highly recommended and highly required!








Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition documentary
Don Jon
whole movie:
Tantra documentary:
whole movie:
Kamasutra. A Tale of Love
Cloud Atlas
Pay It Forward
Beyond Borders

…and many more,which you may check in our other post , check also many tittles are in the comments and don´t forget to add your tips or/and links there

Of course for the students we recommend our videos:
Playlist with me, Michal Kali Griks

Playlist of videos of our channel SOSCTV

… and big playlist of inspiring videos about sexuality and tantra:

Enjoy, pass it further, and write your recommendations and opinions in the comments
I wish you may discuss them at our retreats

Michal Kali Griks