10 most tantric movies by Tantra Movement School

10 compulsory movies to watch during Tantra Movement School education. Highly recommended and highly required!1Bliss (is on http://aktywnatantra.blogspot.nl/2012/12/bliss1997-only-one-tantra-movie-ever.html ) 2Don’t look Down (2008)english subtitl…

Become Supreme Lover for yourself and partner

Tantra Movement - Tantra For Couples

 One of the aspects of Conscious Relationship is to aim for the best connection within yourself, for yourself, for your partner, for all. What is the best connection? It’s a connection on as many levels possible in most profound dee…

Koh Phangan, Tantric island in Thailand

Happy Equinox Lovely People <3Small gift for all of youGratitude to home. My Paradise, My Challenge, My Love and My TeacherMy Healer, My Nature, My Family. With this video, I'm just playing with appreciation to the nature and beauty of this amaz…

Tantra Movement Essence

Tantra Movement it’s all about sharing Love
From Sex to Spirit
With All that exist
Transforming into Sacred Sexuality
the most beautiful, closest, most intimate expression of more and more Unconditional Love

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Tantra Massage new description

One of the best description of the tantric massage I ever wrote.
This is what you may receive from me at the private session.
This is what and how I’m teaching.
I wrote it as part of my, coming soon online course.
It’s so divine that I would add it to my new book: “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”
It is so good that I will also add it to my older one what I’m planning to edit soon 🙂
  Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra.

… enjoy your freedom and remember, your freedom ends where your partner’s freedom begins. Always remember about respecting each other boundaries. That’s one of the most beautiful things what we could learn at tantra workshops. Giving someone’s chance to feel that they’re respected may provide that person tremendous healing and rebuilding the trust. 

In the same time, within those limits or not limits find the ways to enjoy as much as possible. 
As more pleasure you have than more pleasure is circulating, as more of it, than more sexual energy, and when we don’t lose it, what is the intention of Tantra, than we have more power to heal, to liberate, to grow in Love and expand in ecstasy. 
Yes, we worship, we “use it don’t lose it”, this one of the most potent energy, what humans have, the energy what creates life. We transform it inwards into our life. With this more and more energy and ecstasy, we nourish all our chakras. 
That’s what makes us so alive, so passionate, loving, creative and spiritual. 
We are transforming this Sacred Sexuality into all aspects of our life. 

When you add to this the main ingredient: Unconditional Love, it makes the tantric massage as one of the most powerful rituals it could be. 

Yes being professional masseur/se it’s not so much about techniques but more about the capacity of loving unconditionally. 

Adore the person as much as possible. Worship her as god/ goddess with your touch, with your full presence and devotion. Even when you see her first and maybe the last time in your life, always have an intention of doing the best massage you ever did up till now. Do it for her and yourself as well because Love circulates in both directions.  Even she is not your type, older, younger. During massaging forget about those conditionings. Unconditional Love, Tantra goes beyond appearances, age and even the gender. In the end, we are all energy. We are all Love. Be the Love, serve the Love, Feel the Love, see the Love. Let it flow <3

Love her as your best lover ever, even when it is just for this moment. In the end, Tantra is about living here and now, living without attachments. Yes?

That’s why the best massage usually happens between two passionate tantric lovers. Within the limits of circumstances and foremost limits of the receiver, always massage as close as you could towards this ideal. 

Michal Kali Griks

Tantric teacher with student relationship trap and manifesting my solution

 My last realisation is that when you’re tantric teacher, therapist, masseur, healer or/ and practitioner you would usually attract in your relationship the person, who needs healing or/and would like to be a student. 
They may love you truly, they may be thankful for your gifts till the end of their life, but not necessarily they would love you as a human being. 

Projection as a teacher, healer, saviour in nowadays conditionings, very often excludes accepting someone ‘s humanness, shadows and their dark sides. 

Expectations are leading to disappointments and frustrations. As the person who is the receiver is healing growing fast, she (or he) is wanting with the same speed change another person (healer). This is not always possible because healer already healed his core wounds. There still some small healings may happen, but those are just small steps comparing the tremendous healings and liberations, what needs to arrive at the beginning of our tantric path (receiver situation).
This dynamic create’s sometimes too much complains what may ruin the relation. 

Also, when the person is healed from the core wounds or the student becomes a teacher, they become a new person, and they may not need a teacher or healer anymore. Their gratitude may be endless, but their love may become more limited. 

That’s why, with this awareness, I wish to step out of those dynamics. 

From the next relationship consciously, I would open myself for another tantra teacher with their healed core wounds. Then we may relate more as equal. 

Then I could be loved for that I’m and not mainly for being a teacher or healer. I’m more than this, and I’m just human being as well 😉 <3 

Nice song in gratitude to the teacher who was the lover before

11.05.2020 Koh Phangan, Thailand
Michal Kali Griks

Intensity – Poem

Yes. Make me grow
Yes. More and more

I’m choosing for you
Koh Phangan
Yin energy for the balance
Doing less, achieving more. 
Yang energy
Doing what you love
Achieving more
Perfect dichotomy 
Please give me more   

This is another fragment of my book “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside”  

Michal Kali Griks

Tantra – Choice of loving yourself

I choose tantra from loving myself. Even it is the most challenging path what take you through your and the humanity deepest wounds; it is much better than carrying those wounds and living, being affected by them. 
Every little or huge healing, liberation growing in Love, expansion in ecstasy it is stepping forward into a more happy, more loving, more exciting and more passionate life. 

The challenges are big, sometimes bigger but they’re worthy of going through.
Better than living in an illusion, unawareness, Maya, matrix or however you like to call it.

The bigger challenges make bigger growth.

I’m choosing the path to love my self
To love others
Because I do not see the point of wasting my life.

And You?

Are you choosing the blue or red pill (Matrix)?

There is no way back 😉

This is another fragment of my book “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside”  

Michal Kali Griks