Circulation of Orgasm. Colin Willby workshop on: “The Way Of the Good Sex” part 3A

This is first of many parts of te workshop what Colin gave in Amsterdam. To be continued

Colin Willby, researcher, author and proprietor of Peace Mandalas Publishing. Among few books, he wrote ‘The Way of Good Sex.A Manual of Modern Tao Sexual Practice including Love Muscles and Upward Orgasm Training.’ (2011) Colin has presented workshops on ‘Naturally Contraceptive Lovemaking’ at festivals and other venues for over fifteen years. Whole his work is dedicated to peace and harmony amongst global humankind.

About his book “Way of Good Sex. A Manual of Modern Tao Sexual Practice including Love Muscles and Upward Orgasm Training.” – [ available also through Shool Of Tantra Movement ]The description of revolutionary new ideas on the harmonics of human sexuality and on the balancing of conception and contraception. The secrets of the East are unveiled in this reappraisal of Yin-Yang theory, the 8 trigrams of the octagonal ‘pa kua’ and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (Book of Changes) revealing how we all relate sexually to the solar calendar and to the cycles of the Sun, Earth and Moon. The sexual secrets of past Chinese Emperors and the early practitioners of Tao are developed into a practical step-by-step manual of sex instruction. This book includes a complete description of love muscles training and the practice of upward orgasm, knowledge of which is beneficial to the health, can lead to more harmonic and satisfying sexual relationships and opens up the potential for rejuvenation and natural contraception.

“…If the sensations of approaching orgasm reoccur then resume love muscles locking, hand pressure and the redirection of sexual energy. When sitting you can help orgasm control by using the heel of your foot or gentle yet continuous undergarment waistband pressure (by pulling the front down and below the testicles) on the perineum. Remember the pay offs of the potential for natural contraception and of becoming a dragon lover. Better orgasms. Longevity.Improved health. Rejuvenation. Reduced greying with age. Increased vigour and health….”

– more of the summary of the book You can read it and download here.

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