Where do I find detailed information about the courses and modules?
Here at the fb events, you may see all details about courses:

How about Accommodation?

We recommend you to ask Rachel.
You may write to her the time, your budget and that you like something close to us

 Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center

(Sri Thanu, Coco Nut Villas area) :
Moo 5
Koh Phangan 84280
Surat Thani

Duration of the course?

It starts always at 11 AM and we aim to finish at 5 PM(sometimes 7 PM).
We always keep it open because sometimes students ask many questions what I would like to answer to them also sometimes people may enter the healing process what I do not want to rush but rather give it space as one of the most beautiful things may be.

However, I also ask students about the time limitations if they have that I may adjust.


What to bring?
We have a vegan potluck break, where we share what we brought ourselves to eat. The easiest are the fruits

It’s good to bring with you big towels, small towel, coconut oil, good humour when you have 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow At the moment my internet time is very limited. You may check the website where I just updated some agenda things at the front page.


May I join as single?
Yes. When you ready to work with some other single person you’re welcome

We advise you and for people who are single to reserve your balanced spot as soon as you can. Even we work with assistants, still, when you book quicker you increase your chance to have a partner.

How do I book my course?

Here you may transfer money and book your courses

Bank Details:

Michal Grygoruk
Triodos ethical bank

or Thai Bank:

Michal Grygoruk
Kasikorn Bank

Pay Pal

To avoid high fees we recommend you to use transferwise by transferring to the banks and when you do it through paypal do it as sending to a Friend. We do not take responsibility for their extra costs

Thank you ♥

As soon as is paid and as soon as you give me your facebook contacts I would make you a member fb prive group, where you may get learning material than you may even prepare yourself 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Do not hesitate to ask further questions


How to contact?

For easier, faster communication, I recommend you connect with me through messenger

Michal Kali Griks (FB)
Hallo Lovely People!

Hallo Lovely Organisers


We offer few courses:

Each level have about 45 hours.

1st Level  Aspects of Tantra  Aspects of Life course



2nd Level Essence for Couples course (also for singles who are ready to work

with someone else )


3rd Level  Tantra Massage Course (when people are ready for it)


Tantra Year Training

The more detailed explanations you may find on our front page here: https://tantramovement.com/

We are pretty  flexible with our teachings. We did them as weekends retreats, as 4,10  or 14 days retreats and also as cycle of 3,5 hour weekly workshops. We did them in 1,2 or 3 modules. Depends from energy of the group and how you would like to organise, we may send you examples of other people how they did it.

All our courses are also supported with video and written materials, what participants get during the retreats.
We also offering extra morning  Kundalini yoga, Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga or active Osho meditations….

Our costs are: covering the travel costs+ at least 50 % of the profits with the minimum in average 750 Euro per weekend (Friday-Sunday)


We like to build network of assistants. We like that the money is a tool not a a barrier. 


Lets create the Movement. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can do more. Together, it’s more fun 🙂

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask further questions


Love and Light


Michal Kali Griks (fb)

This is next part of our education on line. The idea is that in the future students may get the theoretical material on video, online or on paper then we will have even more time to experience.

This part is very important before you go to tantra workshop, massage or you practice tantra during making love or in other conditions. It make you aware what you may expect and how to react on healing, what may happen.

This text is written to Tantra Movement in Romania but is universal for  any groups. Enjoy and get inspired
The workshop, weekend is over and then the question arrives: ¨Is that all ? Do I have to wait another month or year to see the people with who we shared so much ? What´s about the energy ? Shall I just come back to my normal life ???!!! What´s about love connection energy, friendship and everything, what was between during that magical moments ? It´s that over ?¨

Doesn´t has to be !

That´s why initially Tantra Movement started. To keep the connection, to share love constantly and continuously
( you may see in the history http://aktywnatantra.blogspot.nl/2013/03/lucide-love-tantra-workshop-reflection.html )

During those four tantric days in Romania we worked a lot on intimacy, energy of love, communication, contact, sacred sexuality. Sometimes we shared with new people in our life the things what we didn´t do before even with our best friends, sometimes even with ourselves….
How to keep it, how to not loose it but use it ?
Do you remember the drawing of ¨wave¨ orgasm ? In the same way how we have to transfer sexual energy upward, we have to transfer the energy of the workshop in to our daily life.
How ?
I have some ideas:
Lets keep as closest contact with each other, supporting each other in their process. Highly recommended would be organizing regular meetings, where you can share eye gazing, melting hugs, communicate in tantric ways, exercise and connect etc.
Lets bring those things in to your family, work and in to you daily life
Apply the experience and wisdom in to your daily self love, making love and your daily life rituals.
Intuitively lets make change in our life, what would help you to keep the energy high. For example:
– Giving melting hug to our lover or friends every time when we see them again.
– Start look in to the eyes ( no escapes any more 😉 of the person with who we are talking.
– Eating less meat or even not at all
– Recycling waste
– Buying less and be happy with this what we have…
– etc. etc.
Make your own choice, make your own change 🙂
Use your strength what you gained during the workshop and go with the flow…
I though that changing my habits of going to sleep late would be enough. Energy of the four teaching days in Romania is so strong that the yoniverse is pushing me in to the bigger change. I´m ready to CREATE COMMUNITY based on love. Any ideas, suggestions, interests etc. are more than welcome 🙂
While during the workshop we are expanding, when we are back to ¨normality¨ we may notice that we do not fit there any more. Confronting our deepest truths through tantra it may require from us radical changes for better. Sometimes it seems difficult or painful but remember that real changes are happening when we go out of the comfort zone. If you not 1000 % ready for it – work on that readiness, otherwise you may suffer later from the stagnation = stinking down or from strong kick from universe in to good direction 🙂
Let it go ! Let it be !
Most usually the healing process is happening during the workshop but it may happen also after. Some of unexpected sadness, pain, fear, joy, physical sensations, past memories etc. may happen also after the workshop. Whatever it is do not suppress it back. Take the opportunity to let go as much as you can bear. Otherwise you would have to carry that all through whole your life or at least to the next occasion of healing moment and other chance to let it go. Observe it, breath in to it, shout it out, cry it out, laugh it out, fear it out… Let it all go ! Once and forever. If not here and now than when ? Afterwards, believe me, you would become more light, free and happy. No more unnecessary heaviness on your shoulders. 🙂  ….

[Vertaling in het Nederlands beneden]
FAQ: Assistance policy in Tantra Movement
It always goes both directions: empowering others means empowering myself as well.
Everything is energy. From exchanging it, depends the flow in our life on any possible levels: Physical, material, emotional, psychical, energetic, mental, spiritual, sexual etc.
We have to see it as whole. There is no separate duality. Everything is one. Lets keep it that way. In balance. When we get something, let it be a signal that there is something to give in return. Where we have to much? Where we have to less? With whom we could share, who needs, who asked ?
I feel blessed to got experience and wisdom, what I feel, would improve life not only my but also the others. That’s why I started to share tantra, love, sacred sexuality… I felt that there is nothing more meaningful, efficient, loving and important, what I can do in my life, than share this bliss. This ecstasy in my heart and full body, what I experienced through tantra and what I felt everyone should have birth right to experience either.

My dream is to be busy only with that. I feel there is nothing other best I can do and I feel this is most fulfilling passion of my life. In order to succeed, I have to ask you for help to assist me on my way. Together we are stronger. Together we may do much more. Doing things together is increasing the pleasure of creating. It makes the effect of work much more complete. There is a lot of things what I can´t do and there is a lot of what I can do in exchange. That’s the power of living in community. Supporting each other – the true value of living in society. Lets build the Tantra Movement together.

This is help, what I need:
1. Translating in to dutch
2. Promotion
a) Inviting people through face book and mailing lists
b) Creating newsletter
c) Spreading the leaflets all around Amsterdam, NL and the world… mainly in spiritual centres, organic shops other cultural places
d) Organising participation on other events like festivals, open days, info evenings
e) Helping with maintaining the fb pages, tantra movement pages etc.
f) Creating the publications (booklet etc.)
g) etc. ?
3. Assisting during the workshop ( all within your limits )
a) People, who are without partner
b) Me – to show the exercises
4. Helping around during bigger events – 5 January in Monday I plan to do tantra festival and I´m not able to make it alone
a) making tea, holding the casa, being at the door, making the pictures, hosting the guests… etc
b) preparing the leaflets and spreading them
c) all promotion mentioned in point 2

Any idea with what you may help, what I didn´t mentioned above ( maybe drawings, choosing music etc ? )

In exchange you may get free access to all workshops including certificates.
If there is no balance required or there is already even nr of male and female, you may also invite your friend.
If this is intention you may slowly get also qualification to become professional assistant or even teacher.
Depends from your impute, you choose the engagement and if you still would like to support me with free donation or anything else you very welcome.
If your help is great and you need massage, healing session etc. you just ask – my main intention is empowering people
Do not hesitate to ask or suggest something


[Vertaling in het Nederlands]

Veel gestelde vragen: Assistentie beleid in de Tantra Beweging

Het gaat altijd in twee richtingen. Het krachtiger maken van anderen betekend ook dat ikzelf krachtiger wordt.

Alles is energie. De stroom in ons leven, op alle mogelijke niveaus, is afhankelijk van de uitwisseling ervan. Fysiek, materieel, emotioneel, geestelijk, energetisch, mentaal, spiritueel, sexueel enz.. We moeten het als een geheel zien.

Er is geen afgescheiden dualiteit. Alles is een.

Laten we het zo houden. In balans. Als we iets ontvangen, laat het een signaal zijn dat het onze beurt is om iets terug te geven. Waar hebben we te veel ? Waar hebben we te weinig ? Met wie zouden we kunnen delen, wie heeft nodig, wie vraagt ?

Ik voel me bevoorrecht om de ervaring en wijsheid te hebben ontvangen die, zoals ik dat voel, het leven kan verbeteren, niet alleen voor mijzelf maar ook voor anderen. Dat is de reden waarom ik begonnen ben met het delen van tantra, liefde, heilige sexualiteit …

Ik voelde dat er niets van meer waarde, efficientie, liefde en belang is, wat ik kan doen in mijn leven, dan dit voorrecht te delen.

Deze extase in mijn hart en hele lijf, wat ik door tantra heb ervaren is, wat ik voel, ieders geboorterecht om ook te ervaren.

Het is mijn droom om alleen maar daarmee bezig te zijn. Ik voel dat er niets beters voor mij te doen staat en ik voel dat dit de meest vervullende passie is in mijn leven. Om te kunnen slagen, is het nodig om jullie om hulp te vragen om me te assisteren op mijn weg. Samen zijn we sterker. Samen kunnen we veel meer doen. Samen dingen doen is het verhogen van het
plezier om te creeren.

Het maakt het effect van het werk veel vollediger. Er zijn veel dingen die ik niet kan doen en er zijn vele dingen die ik kan doen als tegenprestatie. Dat is de kracht van het leven in gemeenschap. Elkaar te ondersteunen ? de werkelijke waarde van het sociale leven. Laten we de Tantra Beweging samen opbouwen.

Dit is de hulp die ik nodig heb:

1. Vertaling in het Nederlands

2. Promotie/reclame:
a) Mensen uit te nodigen via Facebook en verzendlijsten
b) Nieuwsbrieven creeren
c) Folders verspreiden door geheel Amsterdam, NL en de wereld
N.B. Voornamelijk in spirituele centra, natuurvoedings winkels
en andere culturele plaatsen
d) Het organiseren van deelnemers op andere evenementen zoals festivals,
open dagen, informatie avonden
e) Hulp om de Facebook en Tantra Movement paginas te onderhouden
f) Het creeren van publikaties (zoals een folder etc.)
g) Enz.?

3. Assisteren tijdens een workshop (alles binnen je grenzen)
a) Mensen die zonder een partner zijn
b) Mijzelf ? als ik een oefening wil demonstreren

4. Hulp rondom en gedurende grotere evenementen ? op 5 January ben ik van plan
om een tantra festival te organiseren, maar ik ben niet in staat om dat alleen te doen.
a) het maken van thee, de kassa bij te houden, bij de deur te staan, het maken van foto?s,
voor gasten te zorgen enz.
b) Het voorbereiden van flyers en deze te verspreiden
c) Alle promotie punten vermeld onder 2.
d) Enig idee waarmee je zou kunnen helpen, anders dan ik hierboeven heb genoemd ?
(misschien tekeningen, muziek keuze enz. ?)

In ruil hiervoor kun je gratis toegang krijgen tot alle workshops (inclusief certificaten)

Als er geen evenwicht verlangd wordt en er is al een even aantal mannen en vrouwen, dan kun je een vriend(in) uitnodigen.

Als dit je intentie is dan kun je gaandeweg ook gekwalificeerd worden als professionele assistent of zelfs leraar.

Het hangt af van je inbreng, jijzelf bepaalt je betrokkenheid en als je me nog steeds wilt ondersteunen met een vrijwillige bijdrage of met iets anders, ik je nodig je uit om dat te doen.

Als je hulp geweldig is en je hebt een massage nodig, een heling sessie enz. je kan het gewoon vragen. Mijn voornaamste intentie is om mensen te helpen in hun kracht te staan.

Aarzel niet om te vragen of om iets voor te stellen.

Michal Marek Griks

Tantra is the door to expand yourself, to break the limits and conditioning, to totally liberate and heal yourself but only when you fully ready for it. The real change is happening when you go out from your comfort zone but again: you do it only when you ready for it. That’s in order, that you would heal yourself and not traumatize and hurt yourself. That’s why on my workshop I would like to make sure that you’re making certain decisions from your self what means: from your sex, heart and mind together and not from the pressure of the lover, partner, teacher, the group etc. In general I respect someone more, who is saying “no” to the excercise, than someone, who is doing it and having doubts. “Maybe” in tantra, on my workshops is always means “No”. To work around safety, comfort and the limits I explain more at beginning of my courses. If you miss that important part PLZ do not hesitate to ask for extra explanation

More Frequently Answered Questions you can read here: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/search/label/FAQ

Michal Marek Griks