Love-Making Mantra video clip

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There are many deep reasons why we made “Love-making Mantra” video clip.
First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all.
Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienced Tantra; I quickly discovered that sex without love, is missing paramount quality. That’s why we are singing, not about fucking but Love-making…
…Specifically as Tantra Movement about Tantric Love-making vs typical sex.
Through Tantric Love-making, all sexual energy, one of the most essential energy what humans have ( it creates life! ), we are bringing that power to our hearts instead wasting it mainly through the ejaculation ( but the clitoral orgasm as well ).
By using not losing this energy, we are nourishing our hearts, so we become more loving, and what is most important, we may continue Love-making and create even more energy ( aka ecstasy ).That’s how we are making Love, longer ecstasy, higher orgasms, sexual satisfaction and more energy in our hearts. That’s what is making “Use it. Don’t lose it. Methode” as one of the most spiritual and powerful practices, in my opinion.
Maybe you would not read those words if this song would not exist.
Now, we wish you would find on Tantra Movement website or videos further instructions to” Use it. Don’t Lose It. Methode” and this would change your life and world for better.
That’s another reason for this song.
Through generations, many teachings and religions are conditioning us by repeating the same message that Love-making is bad, shameful, dirty, sinful etc.
Power of Mantras it is repeating the sacred message, and by this, it is influencing not only our holy Spirit but our subconscious mind as well.
That’s why melody is easy, hypnotic, staying and glueing into your mind for a long time.
We wish you would be singing it through many days and whole life not only within your head πŸ™‚
“Love-making is good for us” – time to root this uplifting message in our ( every ) beings.
Another reason is that this clip is “totally unprofessional”.
Honestly; I’m proud that this is “One Day Production”.
I woke up with this song. I sang it to my beloved, I sang it by the river, on the beach, then in the jungle, I recorded in on my phone, then my beloved madeΒ clip, then before evening it was already out on Tantra Movement youtube channel.
It’s not perfect, but we like it for its authenticity and spontaneity.

I see so many great projects are ending up in the drawers because their authors are holding back, stopped by pressure of being perfect.

I feel humanity and individuals are lost enjoying the playfulness of creation because of fear of being ridiculed.

Feeling fear but still doing it, that’s what makes us stronger, that’s what is healing and liberating us.

I choose Love, but I’m scared that some of you would not take seriously such a crazy Tantra teacher.
Another beautiful reason is that we had good laughter during working on this Mantra clip. πŸ™‚
Thank you, my beloved, for cocreatingΒ and for your whole support and Love <3
Now your turn!
Would you support the reasons, like, support and maybe even share the video?
Would you become curious, and would you look for further information?
Would you feel attracted and maybe you would subscribe to stay connected?
Or maybe you would stand on the ridiculing side one way or another.
In any case, thank you for your support and/or attention.

Michal Kali Griks



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