Love Yourself ! Workshop next Friday 28.2.14

On this Friday focus would be on first and most important relationship – relationship with yourself .

How close are you to yourself ? Do you have intimate bond with yourself ?  Do You give to Yourself so much love, to have a surplus to share it with the world ?

How do I know what I
really want if I don't really know myself ?

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared with our partners, family, animals, nature, whole planet and the universe. So how You may notice it have nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in healthyway…

Costs of this single workshop is 45 €. The costs of 10 workshops (whole course) is only € 350
Sending email to [email protected] means confirming Your reservation. Amount of the places are limited.
Finishing the course is honored with the certificate what would open the door for your further experience and education.
For updates, more info or to invite Your friends:
or check:

The workshops are from 31.1.14 till 9.5.14 (almost every Friday except – 21.2.14 – 07.3.14 – 14.3.14 – 21.3.14 – 25.4.14) from 18.00 – 21.30 in il cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam

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