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Michal Kali Griks and Tantra Movement

 There are many deep reasons why we made “Love-making Mantra” video clip. πŸ’œ  First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all. πŸ’œ  Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienc…

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Our newest video in Tantra Practice playlist, in our Tantra Movement TV.
We work a lot with 5 Elements in Tantra. Each represents another chakra and what follows another aspect of life
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Michal Kali Griks

“We are all One” this is one of the most essential truth not only in tantra but in whole spirituality.
Tantra gives you it through experience, that you would transform your belief into your own truth. This is very empowering for your whole life.
At the end of the video beautiful tip for the relationship with yourself, your partner and others: Connect Instead of Separating.

  1. This Movie is part of a series of new videos what the main message is:
    Teachings How To Love Better. (Free course playlist at YT channel)
    This fifth episode is about that
    We are All One – Oneness as Essential aspect of Love, Life and Tantra.
    Im sharing here my Love, wisdom, solutions.
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