My heart is melting – Testimony

Wow. My heart is melting when I read that. It keep me motivating 🙂

 I want to share impression of the last day of workshop.
I participated in various forms of spiritual activities in recent years. 10 days retreat of vipassana, yoga and meditation camps. All were wonderful, and helped me to grow.
The meeting of this weekend it was different because of you. You brought your energy, your love, your light. Your consciousness and guided experience helped us raise our consciousness . And thank you sooo much for this.

He created around a field of love and support, and I`m happy, what I did, and i`m still part of this wonderful field. This is the world we want to create, and we started to do it around us.

So, I just thank you, Michal because you exist and manifest on earth. The world is much beautiful because your kiss. 🙂 Namaste !!

Daniela Cuzic. 4.06.2015

…. and do not forget that I´m just igniting the fire what is already in you … I´m just channel of energy of love what is in all of us – Michal Marek Griks

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