Tantra Movement Private Sessions

Tantra Movement Private Sessions

Tantric Massage

One of the best descriptions of the tantric massage I ever wrote.

One of the most essential, beautiful videos, we made about Tantra Massage. 

This is what you may receive from me at the private session, which you may book for 70 USD per hour best by contacting me on my private Facebook account: Michal Kali Griks

This is what and how I’m teaching.

I wrote it as part of my coming soon online course.

It’s so divine that I would add it to my new book: “Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside.”

It is so good that I will also add it to my older one, which I’m planning to edit again soon. 

“Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Love – All Aspect of Tantra.”


Here it is:

Enjoy your freedom, and remember, your freedom ends where your partner’s freedom begins. Always remember to respect each other boundaries. That’s one of the most beautiful things we could learn at tantra workshops. Giving someone a chance to feel respected may provide that person tremendous healing and rebuilding trust.

At the same time, within those limits, and no limits, find ways to enjoy as much as possible.

As more pleasure you have, then more pleasure is circulating, as more of it, than more sexual energy, and when we don’t lose it, what is the intention of Tantra, then we have more power to heal, to liberate, to grow in Love, and expand in ecstasy.

Yes, we worship, we “use it don’t lose it” this one of the most potent energy, that humans have, the energy that creates life. We transform it inwards into our life. With this more and more energy and ecstasy, we nourish all our chakras.

That makes us so alive, passionate, loving, creative, and spiritual.

We are transforming this Sacred Sexuality into all aspects of our life.

When you add to this the main ingredient: Unconditional Love, it makes the tantric massage as one of the most powerful rituals it could be.

Yes, being professional masseur/se it’s not so much about techniques but more about the capacity to love unconditionally.

Adore the person as much as possible. Worship her as god/ goddess with your touch, with your full presence and devotion.

Even when you see her first and maybe the last time in your life, always intend to do the best massage you ever did up till now. Do it for her and yourself as well because Love circulates in both directions.

Even she is not your type, older, younger. During massaging, forget about those conditionings. Unconditional Love, Tantra goes beyond appearances, age, and even gender. In the end, we are all energy. We are all Love. 

Be the Love, serve the Love, Feel the Love, see the Love. Let it flow <3

Love her as your best lover ever, even when it is just for this moment. In the end, Tantra is about living here and now, living without attachments. Yes?

That’s why the best massage usually happens between two passionate tantric lovers. Within the limits of circumstances, especially foremost boundaries of the receiver, always massage as close as possible towards this ideal.


Koh Phangan


Michal Kali Griks

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Private sessions for singles and couples.

Me, Michal, I can meet you alone or with your partner on private, individual sessions and workshops… We can spend time together with total attention for you (and your partner). I will use this time to heal, to purify the subconsciousness, to expand the consciousness, to make your experience more bliss, joy, pleasure and love in your life – all of that on material, energetic, and spiritual level.

What can you expect at the session?

I share my personal and individual experience. While I respect my and your boundaries, I´m also keeping in mind that real progress begins outside of the comfort zone. That’s why I will systematically encourage you to leave secure limitations and meet the adventures of your life. But at the same time, I will also encourage you to establish clear boundaries and say “no” when you feel that way at that moment. When you’re not ready to change, I will work on that readiness

Suggestions for couples:
Developing intimacy in relationships
Exploring the synergy effect in meditation and in the transformation of sexual energy
Roles and projections in relation (for example, father-daughter, son-mother ) and transforming them beyond the personal level
Freedom from the coercion of the ejaculatory

For singles :

How to become a great lover
The release of subconscious patterns what are conditioning while you search the Partner
Expanding and cultivating sexual energy
Energy balance on all levels
Tasks and goals in life – How to follow its own path of life.

The price is 70 Euro per hour.

I use methods such as :
Tantric and Taoist techniques for transformation
Games, fun, dance and movement
Visualisations, meditations and relaxations
Prayers and affirmations
Massage and healing touch
Open communication

Michal Kali Griks – Tantrik, Kundalini yoga teacher


Private workshops for your relationship

It is also possible for me to come to your home for an intensive 2 days tantric workshop. This our proposal is addressed to couples who:
– just get to know each other
– they want to develop an intimate relationship
– they would like to open up to the needs of the partner.
– They want to dissolve the barriers,

– who are looking for a way to heal themselves but also looking for understanding and harmony in the warm arms of the lover
– for long time relationships, who would like again awake the senses, who would like to bring new energy and inspiration to their life
– who want to recognise the transcendent nature of the partner relationship
– who want to progress together,
– who would like to develop the energy of partnership
– who would like to achieve cosmic union
– who would share the essence of love with the world?

It’s possible to give the workshops also in your places, where you may feel home and I may also work on the energy of the space.  Contact me by phone or email to discuss the details.

I always work with an individual approach to your needs and to the particularity of the situation and energy. Feel free to check my other activities, what I do and suggest me including them in your private session

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions [email protected] ,



Most important is the connection. Bringing myself and you into the state of energetic merging. If we are able to achieve that, everything will flow how it suppose to.
Deep healing may appear. Healing of your past, your presence, your future, healing of your body, your heart and your spirit, healing of your femininity and masculinity, healing of all other aspects of your life.
Deep sexual pleasure may occur too. In tantra, we welcome sexual energy. Yes, we worship this sacred and creative power by keeping it in, instead of releasing and losing it.
We bring that energy called ecstasy into the higher levels of your being like to the heart, that you will become more loving, or to the throat that your communication will improve, or to the head that you will become more creative. It’s all up to us and energy flow.
Thankful that you may experience ecstasy not only in your genitals but also in all other parts of your body. Your life may never be the same 😉

Massage what I offer may be called tantric, intuitive, flow massage. Depends on the needs, I’m mixing in it techniques like Sexual Tao massage, Kundalini massage, Tibetan Pulsing massage, Kashmiri massage, Kum Nye massage and others.

Basically every type of the massage what I teach I may give you on the private session.

So you may choose also between:

“Magic of Tantric Massage” – Introduction to tantric massage
Kashmiri Dance Massage
Tantric Massage within a relationship
Breathing in Shiva Shakti position
Neo Tantric Massage
Full Body Orgasm Massage without touching
Heart opening, Breast Massage Ritual

Detailed description you may find it here. Just notice that they”re written intentionally for the course, so you have to “translate them in your head” into the private session circumstances

And my speciality is: Tantra Movement Massage http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2015/05/tantric-movement-massage-intensive_7.html

Price of my massages are:

70 Euro per hour
3 hours are recommended

1,5 hour is an optimal minimum

Do not hesitate to make an appointment or to ask further questions.

Michal Kali Griks (FB)

[email protected]

phone (+66)921358296 but please never talk to a voicemail – better use sms, email or call me later

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way