Taste Of Tantra.Intro info evening to Tantra Year Training

What is Tantra ? How does´t feel? What is it for? How to use it?  Do you know that aspects of tantra are the aspects of life? Do you know that through tantra you may improve connection with yourself, your partner, others, whole nature and entire universe? Do you know that through sacred sexuality (what it is ?) you may not only express love in the most intimate, most close and the most beautiful way? Do you know that the Love could be the most healing power on this planet ? Do you know that through tantra you can liberate and heal yourselves and others ? Do you want to do it for living ?

What is Tantra Year Training about? How is to become professional assistant, trainer or masseur(se)?

This and other questions we will answer at this evening. But only parts of the questions we will answer verbally. Most of this workshop would be through experience, because tantra is a path of experience. Your experience. We give you only guiding and you're making the steps what are you ready for.

This evening is introduction for ¨Tantra Year Training Introduction weekend¨ what follows next days…
… and what is beginning of Tantra Year Training

Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46


Suggested free donation ~ 10 E

Not when you pay for weekend and not when you have financial difficulties

Friday 25.09.2015 at 19.00

For more details you may contact Michal Marek Griks on fb, skype or [email protected]
You may check updates and invite your friends also here: https://www.facebook.com/events/922219337844915/

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