School Of Tantra Movement Certificates – List of honoured

Last not complete update: 13.08.2016

Dear all !

Here at this post we going to update list of those honoured by certificates. Beside giving them prove that they finished some of the levels, we would like to give them some extra credit to support their further way of living.

Some of them finished as assistants, organisers etc. what counts always as extra value.

Some of them have potential to become tantra teachers, masseurs, therapists… We try to mention this as well.

Then if they like, we also give the place to mention what the´re already busy with beside of Tantra Movement. I hope this way of honouring and supporting each other would empower us in all directions !

Here we are:

School Of Tantra Movement Certificates 


3rd level finished:

Ada Bianca Azap as assiatant, she is main organizer Tantra Movement Romania, She is founder of Info Spiritual organisation She also teach Osho meditations and recently also Tantra in Timisoara.


3rd level finished (without 2nd level yet)

Andreea Maier

Claudiu Chiorean

3rd level finished (without 1st level yet)

Mihaela Andoni 

Adrian Rosca

2nd level finished:

Roxana Roxy as assitant, with potential to become a teacher. She is teaching Chakra Cleaning Breath

Flaviu Pop as assistant, he is already teacher of Trauma Relief Body Work, He is Trainer,Terapeut, Maseur, Consilier in Centrul Albini Cluj-Nap

Amalia as assistant, with potential to become a teacher and coach
Eli Spin as assistant, with potential to become a teacher

Myrthe as assistant, with potential to become a teacher


Jennifer Schreiber

Andy Kay  ( André Kaßner )

Arne Dietze

Ninette Håmo

Brian T Scofield

Desiree  Durga Ma
Paul Smulders

Hans Erdbrink
Raj Winder Singh
Luisa Alba Gaab

Janeta Mileva as assistant and organizer

2nd level finished (without 1st level)

Dorina Zorina Dorina Bena 

Géza Gábor Chiropractor

Aurelian Precup

Selena Pauturu

Ramona Mirea

Paul Daniel Cocis
Alina Fesnic

1st level finished:

Lucienne as assistant
Chiorean Ioana as assistant

Iacobescu Ion – our filmer

Sjoerd Nijmeijer

Omer Korat 

Alish Zenzejul (Andrés Arriaga)

Len Opia + Léo Perrier Laffont they teach at Tantra – The Art of Feeling
Jangel ForRest


Lu Ko

Mircea Cernat



Cristina Tarcan
Alisa Summerfield
Cristian Ciuberea
Lidia Sisu

Patten Rejseglad
Katja Freund 

La Carlo
Patrycja Mastej
Ivan Sukhochev

Cveta Kuncheva as translator. She is teaching Acro yoga

Daniela Nikolova

Milko Milev

Aparaschivei Adrian(AdiSaan) he assist Ada Bianca with her teaching and taking care for page and Tantra Movement in Romania

Laura Babos
Love <3

Michal Kali Griks  and Alina Simuleac

…I also, want to thank you for your teachings, for being on our WAY . They’ve opened new gates, new paths, a totally new connection with my husband. Now we can see clearly that our path is the path of love in togetherness, where we can heal oneself and each other from the conditioning of the past. Now we can  shining the light of LOVE. WE FEEL BLESSED and Loved and Amazing Beings! We also find these days in School Of Tantra Movement deepen our knowledge . It was calling me for some time…but now it’s happening:)). Thank you again for being in our WAY! Hugs and love and life to you ! Our child says Hello!

XXX 05.06.2015

Wow. My heart is melting when I read that. It keep me motivating 🙂

 I want to share impression of the last day of workshop.
I participated in various forms of spiritual activities in recent years. 10 days retreat of vipassana, yoga and meditation camps. All were wonderful, and helped me to grow.
The meeting of this weekend it was different because of you. You brought your energy, your love, your light. Your consciousness and guided experience helped us raise our consciousness . And thank you sooo much for this.

He created around a field of love and support, and I`m happy, what I did, and i`m still part of this wonderful field. This is the world we want to create, and we started to do it around us.

So, I just thank you, Michal because you exist and manifest on earth. The world is much beautiful because your kiss. 🙂 Namaste !!

Daniela Cuzic. 4.06.2015

…. and do not forget that I´m just igniting the fire what is already in you … I´m just channel of energy of love what is in all of us – Michal Marek Griks

I was already visiting quite a lot of Marek’s workshops. I can just say it is amazing! Marek is a wonderful teacher of Tantra who is spreading one of the most beautiful ways of love by teaching & living this ancient path of unconditional love. I really enjoyed that the workshops were mainly practical ones, which are made up in a creative and funny way. I didn’t know before how sensitive a human body can be, how magical it can be if somebody is caressing over your face softly while you’re having closed eyes and how beautiful it is to receive and to give a massage full of love…

After participating in all those workshops I noticed that I have way more creative thought rising up. It probably has to do with the new ability I started to learn: leading the sexual energy through your whole body instead of releasing it.

I want to underline one workshop which was really special for me. It is the one where you learn how to deblock yourself. After pressing strongly a few particular points in your body for quite a while your really get into another status of mind. At least it was for me like this. It was a bit like the fog is disappearing with awareness. I could see the beauty with every little thing. The feeling of my body was way more sensitive. Even my breathing felt like one of the most beautiful things in the world. I felt true happiness.

It is pretty hard to describe those feelings because it was beyond words.

Thanks a lot Marek! You help to change the world into a better one by spreading the seed of true love & deep joy.

Salin 2014

In August 2014 I participated in a Tantra Workshop organized and run by Michal on the European Rainbow Gathering in Romania which consisted of 10 workshops totally. The experience really changed my life on multiple levels. Ever since I feel like my sexuality has reached another level, where I don't need to worry anymore but I can enjoy every single moment without thinking about the next or the past second. I can love more unconditionally. I can love from my heart instead of from my mind, I can allow more emotion to happen by itself, I feel more and more free of pressure just to name a few of the improvements in my life since I participated in the workshops. Or in short: I feel healed. Thus I'd like to recommend Michal and his Tantra school to everyone out there. You'll feel yourself that he does this project because he loves to do it, not to earn money or respect. It's love activism as he calls it himself. And let me promise you one thing: Michal's workshop will also change your life – for good! Love – Henning from Germany
I just did a 10 day 1th-Level Course with Michal and I'd really like to share my experience with that. Even so I was a bit scared at the beginning, I could relax pretty soon because of Michal´s kind but also very clear and consequent way of teaching. I realised quickly that I don't had to experience anything that I don´t fully want to experience. He repetitively made us aware that "Yes means Yes, maybe means No and No means No". By creating such a save and sacred space, I could really trust to expand my limits and allow healing in places within my self which had been abandoned for long time…
I can recommend the 1th Level Workshops for everyone, who wants to come in deeper contact with themselves and their sexuality. (and btw. their was no sexual intercourse at that level ;))
Thanks for that Michal! Go on and spread this important movement!

love, Georg Drachentoeter

17.9.14 Berlin

Michal Kali Griks


We ask beautiful energy of unconditional love to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us to be a channel that the love flow from universe, through those words to you. We share with you as much as we could give, as much you`re ready to receive. Then let the energy of love flow. From universe, to you, then to universe. In all possible ways, through all levels, bodies and dimensions – Tantra

Michal Kali Griks

I´m a Tantra, Kundalini yoga teacher and also a tantric masseur, relationship and life coach. I began my Tantric journey over 11 years ago. I graduated Tantra Masseur and Group Trainer level at the Rasayana Tantra Academy (Gratitude to the teachers below). Tantra became a way of living for me and since more than 6 years ago, I began sharing my wisdom and journey as a teacher of Tantra. While Tantra has several paths, I recognized that for me sacred sexuality is the most efficient way to improve:
my self esteem,
my physical
and mental health,
my intimate relationship,
my love ( also to myself ),
my energy and all other aspects of life…

For me, sexuality is the most beautiful, intimate, and powerful expression of love. When I recognized how important this is in my life, I asked “If love is the most important necessity for humankind, where are our efforts and energy to contribute the love and sacred sexuality in people’s education?” So, I wish that by establishing Tantra Movement School I can help fill this great need. In my life I experienced sex as way to hell but I have been very fortunate to also experience it as way to heaven. Now I´m bringing sexuality out of guilt and shame to it´s rightful place sacredness and honor.
I´m a tantric, who’s destiny is to share tantra and love.

Others about me:

I did 3 intensive Tantra trainings and retreats with Michal and can highly recommend it to anyone ready to go deep and meet his/her shadows and who wants to learn from an authentic Tantric who practises what he preaches! He is not only super passionate about spreading Tantra with all of its aspects for healing, love and growth but he is also completely authentic. No masks, no pretence, no show. So, if you are ready to go deep in a safe space, I can highly recommend his offerings! Thank you for everything and I look forward to seeing you soon in Europe, continuing the path!!!

Nadine Bose – Berlin

As tantra movement page is more to promote the events, to avoid superabundant information here, I also have blog where I share much more not only about myself:
And here you may watch playlist with some videos with me:

And because many of you are asking who was my teacher I share here…

Gratitude to my Tantra Teachers.

With all big thanks to all of you who one way or another reflect in my teachings and life.

List of the teachers who inspired me before and during and after my study at Rasayana Tantra Academy: From the most inspiring
My Daughter
Margot Anand
Hari Kaur Entous van de Zwan
Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita .
Anand Rudra.
David Brown
Diana D’Light and Martin Heese

Bruce and Sharon Lyon
Marjanne Hurks
Vincent and Roxana Hewett
John Hawken
Advaita Maria Bach

Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Han Thorig & Marita

Andrew Barnes
Flaviu Pop.
Edyta Baghira Weber
Silja Rehfeldt, (Berlin),
Dirkje Veltman

Nirav Beej en Mudra 
Deborah Sundahl
Colin Willby
Sanjay Vishwakarma
Maarten Ghysels
Rakesh and Marcia from Art Of Loving
all my lovers
and all my students
and all who I forgot here (please forgive me )


to all of you

Michal Kali Griks

Just another interview about tantra and Rainbow Ghathering