All Dimensions Tantra (4rth level Tantra Movement School) 1/3 module

1.Love yourself deeper

2.Deeper connection

3.Bioenergetic Tantra

4.Sacred Mandalas

5.Awakening senses big time

Dear lovely students.

Towards your requests and direction of spiritual, loving and sexual grow, we go deeper. Deeper into love, liberation, connection, healing and sacred bliss.

Are you ready for it ?

Lets see…

When you are already successfully working with your pc muscle

When you´ŕe getting out from your addiction from sex into sacred sexuality

When you´re love your body the way, that you´re proud of your nakedness

When you´re ready to respect others and support their process

When you´re open to let go to much mind control ( in the way that the mind is still your good friend )
When you´re not hoping for kind of orgy while you´re reading those words
When you´re that your direction to grow is total liberation, unconditional love and sacred sexuality

Maybe you´re ready for it

But think/feel twice. For yourself and for the group.

We look again forward to create save, sacred experience, when we all go out from our comfort zones into unknown and then we will feel good about this OUR OWN decision.

At the beginning we go deeper in to some subjects what we explored already during 1st and 2nd level, then we also will explore another dimensions, all dimensions possible for you and for us.

Take with you coco nut oil, blindfold, as bigger mirror as possible, good fresh mood and some vegan food to share at the breaks.

This event is for couples or people who are willing to work together, so when you´re single you´re still very welcome but sign up quickly because we are busy with creating balance and we don´t want to send any one away because of this.

13-15. may 2016 – 1/3 third level ( all dimension tantra )
Rachitele, Cluj, Romania 

Love and Light

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