How to make Full Body Orgasm Without Touching video

There are many movies about Full Body Orgasm without touching all around but I could not find any what explain how to make it. I though humanity may benefit a lot from this wisdom so we made one. Share if you care, use it don´t loose it. Spread love with me <3 p=””>PS: For better sound quality, especially for the english voice use the headphones to understand it clearer

This massage is based on energetic touch what doesn’t require physical touch. Still you may be able to bring the person to very deep full body energetic orgasm or if the body choose to deep energetic healing. This technique is also very useful in the cases when people are blocked for touch. I feel that nothing explain better than video.
I learned this technique from Flaviu Pop and undirectly from Andrew Barnes. You could see also the influences of Tara Long in my massage. I thank them 🙂


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