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Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It’s a way of deep experience, abandoning concepts, exchanging energy, gaining awareness and entering a true intimate relationship with yourself and others. It expands you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are, we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential. Every winter we give Tantra Retreats on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan – join us there!
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Michal Kali Griks
Founder of Tantra Movement
Michal dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Tantra. When he discovered Tantra eleven years ago, it completely changed his life. He followed his heart and completed several trainings in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, including the well-known Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands.
For six years he has been sharing his enormous knowledge of Tantra and Yoga and passing on his enthusiasm, love and experience in his retreats.

“Michal is a wonderful teacher of Tantra who is spreading one of the most beautiful ways of love by teaching & living this ancient path of unconditional love.”

SalinDe Armouring Workshop 2014

“The Tantra workshop gave me more consciousness for my own body. I realised, that there are a lot of things not balanced between my inner genders. You gave me the tools to change!”

EricRainbow Workshop 2015

“I want to thank you for your teachings, for being on our way . They’ve opened new gates, new paths, a totally new connection with my husband.”

Michaela EneaTantra Level I & II 2015

“I released old negative energy that had held me captive for a lifetime. The tantra workshops gave me freedom – I am now able to embrace sexuality without fear.”

BrianLevel I & II 2017

“Maybe the most amazing thing is the new relationship with my body. It’s really amazing how I can experience my body now… for example my next bleeding has come without pain.”

LenaTantra Level I Rainbow 2014

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

Tantric Massage Retreat // Koh Phangan

Starting: 30th November

Full Immersion: 2 weeks
Deep Immersion: 9 days
Taste Immersion: 5 days

Place: Coconut Villa / Sri Thanu / Koh Phangan

Tantra Massage creates a deep energy flow and promotes the connection on many levels, between sexuality, love and spirituality as well as between giver and receiver.

The course Tantra Massage in the School of Tantra Movement comprises 13 chapters:

  • The secret of tantric magic. Introduction to the Tantra Massage Course
  • Kashmiri Dance Massage Workshop
  • Tantric Massage in a relationship
  • Breathing in Shiva Shakti position
  • De-armouring, De-blocking Massage
  • Neo-Tantric Massage – Introduction
  • Neo-Tantric Massage – Worshipping the Yoni
  • Neo-Tantric Massage – Worshipping the Lingam
  • Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Introduction
  • Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Worshipping the Yoni
  • Tantra Movement Fusion Massage – Worshipping the Lingam
  • Full Body Orgasm Massage without touching
    Closing Ritual

This course for Tantra massage is for couples or people who are willing to work together. If you are single, you can still participate! We also have assistants for the workshops.

Upon completion of the course you will be awarded the Tantra Movement School Tantric Massage Certificate.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us: mgriks@gmail.com

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